Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Nearly every day in black communities, serious crimes are committed by other blacks, and scarcly any attention is paid to it.One might ask, why is this, it is because generally some blacks have accepted black on black crime as a normal behavior. Every day all over America, we read about black gangs killing each other, or some black criminal robbing and maining the victim. When thse acts occur, most blacks simply shurg their shoulders and say, "man that's bad", and that is the end of story.

In the past, racial attitudes had a lot to do with black on black crimes, mainly because blacks were thought to be inferior, and incapable of maintaining some sort of morality, thus very little attention was paid to blacks comitting crimes against each other. We are now in a new day, and while many strive to maintain some sort of control with their lives, the problem has not gone away. I ask when will the local "leaders" speak out against the violence that occurs within the black community, as much as they do when a "supposed" injustice occurs when a white officer shoots or beats an offender? It would appear to me, that we as blacks should demand justice for victims of black on black crimes as much as we demand justice for people like Rodney King, instead, we say nothing.

With that kind of attitude, is it any wonder why whites pay black on black crimes any attention? We don't care, so why should they? I've never seen a black group protesting a killer of blacks getting a life sentence, rather then the death penalty. I've never seen see any demostrations against inept DA's, that cannot get a strong enough case against a black on black killer. I've never seen blacks get angry with lying jurors that lied before getting on a jury saying that they were not against the death penalty, but later changing their mind while on the jury saying that they were against the death penaly based on their religious convictions.

Blacks that nullify juries on capital cases, should not be allowed on any jury after doing so, because it was in their minds to do this to begin with. With attitudes like this in black communities, why should whites care if the black killer of blacks get off with his life? They don't, and they should not.

Until we as a race, step up to the plate, and say enough is enough, the unbridled crime will continue to devastate the black communities all over America, and blacks will continue to whine about it, but will not rise up and correct the problem, and whites will continue to say,"why should we care when they don't care about themselves?". We have the power.


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