Monday, November 28, 2005

"TOOKIE" needs to die!

Having been on death row for twenty-five years, It's time for "Tookie" to DIE! I cannot bring myself to feel sorry for this killer. IMHO, he should have died a long time ago. While he has supposly rehabilated himself, he should thought about his actions before he committed the crime! As my ol' grandmother used to say,"he's made his bed hard, and now he has to sleep in it!"

With the liberal left attempting to meet with the governor in order to stop his excution, I'm wondering if the same "concerned" people has made any attempt to visit the family of the victims?

In reality, the same folks trying to get a reprive, would NVER attempt to get a reprive for the two killers of Janes Byrd! To these do-gooders, the white men deserves to die for their horrible crimes, but a black man does not! How's this for unbridled racism?

As you can see, the ultra-left are out there busily defending this killer, but has little to say about the killer victims.

If Stan "Tookie" Williams is executed on Tuesday, December 13th, December 14th will be a day that will live in infamy. Just like that "other" day that has lived in infamy -- Pearl Harbor. More on why later below.

Tookie, or Took, for short, is similar to sheikhs of Iran and what have you in the regard that he is the spiritual leader of the Crips gang. That's the notorious Crips that has membership in the thousands across the U.S . and probably overseas. Tookie may or may not be running things from inside, but it's not hard to tell that his impending death is causing quite a stir from the doorsteps of San Quentin to Switzerland. It's headline news, it's all over the Internet. And, I'm sure, on the blocks -- ghetto CNN -- it's the topic of conversation all hours of the day.

All eyes are indeed on Tookie, and they will be fixed on him as long as he's still alive.

This is the kind of crap that make you want to puke, and wonder why are idiots like this still loose in today's society! Of course the "liberal/progressive left" will claim that he has "redeeming values", but to what extent?

I say it's time for "Tookie" to take the eternal dirt nap, never to kill anyone again. I feel if you do the crime, then you do the time!

Tookie, it's time to die.


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