Saturday, November 12, 2005


I am not an "African-American,I'm simply an American. No,I don't need to hypernate my nationality because it's very evident that part of me is of african ancestary. Being an American is having the opportunity to live in the greatest country in the world. Here, one is free to achieve everything within their grasp,and no one can ask for anything better.I ask myself,why do some blacks want to hypernate their nationality by sticking "Africa" in front of it? The answer is so very simple. It is my belief that many blacks feel so bad about themselves,that hypernating their nationality,gives them something to crow about. It makes them feel superior, because they have nothing else going for them. Some have even gone even more radical by calling themselves "Africans". This is plain stupid.The only connection that American blacks have with Africa,is their ancestary,and most American blacks also have Indian and White ancestary also. Why aren't they claiming the other two?
I am an American. My father and his brother,and my mother's brother,fought in France in World War 1. My cousins fought in World II,and in Korea,and Vietnam. Their blood was spilled fighting for a country that they believed in. This is home and will always be foe me, and I will fight to keep it free form any foreign power that attempts to invade it.I am an American,and I don't have to put myself into a corner,avoiding the American mainstream by claiming that my ancestors were in slavery. That is over and done with,so why keep bringing it up? Slavery has beren over for nearly 140 years, I cannot blame all whites in this country for past slavery.
I am an American,just as the Poles,Dutch,English,Irish,and other Europeans that immigrated here and became citizens. I am just as much of an American as they are.They came to this country fleeing repression,and tyrants,and have the same love for this country,as I do.So no,I'm not an "African-American",I'm just an American that happens to be black.


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