Sunday, November 20, 2005


Once again, it appears that a leader true to his people, has found out the real truth! The welfare system in Australia is similar to the one implemented here in the U.S., and what it has caused is generation to become dependant upon the government's dole.

While it is true that the aborigine people have been displaced by whites entering the country over the years, it still does not negate the fact that in todays world, they are still far behind the rest of the country.
Aborigine leader warns on welfare
By Phil Mercer
BBC News, Sydney

Aborigines in the bush
Aborigines are Australia's most disadvantaged community
A prominent Aboriginal leader has called for a radical overhaul of Australia's benefits system to help native communities escape from poverty.

Noel Pearson has warned that a reliance on state handouts has caused psychological harm in many settlements.

Some economists have insisted that Aborigines may have to leave their impoverished homelands to break free of the so-called welfare trap.

Many black Australians live in poverty and are permanently unemployed.

There are claims that the benefit payments they receive have stripped them of any motivation to work and can lead to serious health and social problems.

The Aborigines call it sit-down money.

This money is often frittered away on a destructive mix of alcohol and gambling.
If I didn't know that it was Australia that he was talking about, I would have sworn that it was the U.S.The burning question that has always been in the back of my mind is, how do humans become accustomed to wanting handouts rather than working for it? Here in our great country,some blacks are always calling for more government help, and when the help arrives, they begin to find something else to complain about. We can lay most of the blame in this country to failed social policies, and runaway entitlements programs, thus we have the very same problem that they are having over there. I applaud Mr. Pearson for finally exposing the truth about the situation there, and I wish that some of our so-called leaders had the guts to say the same thing in this country.

I feel there is no excuse for the aboriginals there to continue to reject progress, any more than it is for some blacks here to do the same. Getting angry at the situation, and placing blame on others, is not going to get the job done, instead accept the truth of you can never return back to the past, and deal with it from that perspective.


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