Friday, October 07, 2005

Way to go Bill Bennett!

While the furor is going on in black communities about what Mr. Bennett said, I think now would be the time to closely examine exactly what he really said.

" I said abortion is invoked in another way; you could make an argument that if you wanted to lower the crime rate—you saw the quote—you could practice abortion in very large numbers. You could do it in the black community; you could do it in other places. ... I said, however, if you were to practice that, widespread abortion in the black community or any other community, it would be ridiculous, impossible, and ... morally reprehensible." Bill Bennett

Exactly what was so disparging about his remarks? His point was that if abortions were high in black communities, it would lower the level of crime. With the high amount of crime that exists in the black communities, so far no one can deny that blacks and high rates of crime, goes hand in hand! The liberals attempt to stay in a state of denial, but yet the problem continues to esculate. How often do we read about black criminals committing outrageous acts of crime, while the entire black community stays in a muted condition?

The question remains however, will aborting black babirs lower the OVERALL RATE of crime, and I say that it will, but I too like Mr. Bennett, do not agree with abortions.

There has to be another way, but as of yet, no one has put forth any plans of achiving lower crime in black communities. We need people to tell it like it really is, rather than attack every person that comes foward with hard facts and truth!

I support Mr. Bennett for telling it like it really is.


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