Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So what's the big deal over integrated churches?

As I've read what others had to say about blacks attending predominately "white" churches, I've often wondered why are other people so concerned. Why should it bother them so much. people tend to attend churches that appeals to them, and for the love of me, why should it matter so much with some blacks?

Frankly, I think that it's an underlying hatred of whites that some blacks are just unable to get rid of! These same people claim they are so religious, but attack many people that attends other churches not black. There is only one G-D, and whether we like it or not, this fact still remains.

It appears to me, most integrated churches seem to be doing just fine, without the constant criticism of the "blacker then thou" critics that abound in large numbers. I think that jealously exists among the critics, because these churches are doing far more things than their all black counterparts. While the "Farrakhanites" rant and rave about "islam is a black man's religion", during the past month, white churches have done a good job helping displaced BLACK people cope with the problems that they now have. They didn't have to do that, yet they came foward and helped out!

The underlying racisl beliefs that blacks and whites cling on to, will sooner or later dissappear, and the world will continue on. I say, as long as you're giving G-D the glory and respect, what does it matters if the church is "black or white"? G-D is for all mankind.


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