Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The savagery continues

This is what you expect, when black savages live among you. http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/breaking_news/12817616.htm
Could you just imagine what would have happened if six blacks had been killed by whites? The typical "politically correct" negro, just shrugs his shoulder and replies, "man that's bad", and that's the end of that! I think that the Mexican community should picket all black business, black churches, and black leaders, if no one in the black community comes foward and discuss it.The typical negro liberal always makes excuses for this type of behavior, saying,"well white folks do it too". Give me a damned break! These stupid assholes will attempt to justify anything wrong a negro does!

These savages picked on these people because they knew that most are here illegally, and in most instances are afraid to roport the robberies to the local police. It is also well known that since they are here illegally, they cannot open a bank account because they have no papers so to speak of, so they keep cash money on them.

I ask the question, where are the local "Civil Rights" leaders to go to the Mexican community and express their sorrow for what has happened? Will Jesse Jackson fly down there and attempt to bridge the gap? it's very doubtful that this will happen, but yet these poverty pimps think that they can convince Mexicans to come to their side.Face the cold hard facts, Mexicans do not wish to be around niggers, and neither do I! Can you blame them?

You can bet your sweet bippy, the Mexicans now know what animals exists within the black community now, and will try to avoid them at all costs. I now ask the question, do you blame them? These savages shoud receive the death penalty, and there should NOT be a long legenthy trial. I can now see the "progressive negroes" claiming that these boys have a low IQ, and should not be executed. I say bullshit, they had enough sense to get away, and do other robberies, so cut the crap. Of course the communist inspired NAACP, and ACLU will attempt to get these savages off with life, but it's not going to work!

I can just imagine a certain negress whining about "unfair" when they receive the death penalty, and when these savages draw in their last breath, I will applaud the state of Ga., and say well done!

Some negro women always want to win

Going toe to toe with some negresses can be a fulltime job. Ask me , I know. Some women just has to have the last word in every conversation, thus inflating their egoes. I have been in constant battle with just such a person.

With her constant presentation of "data' , which in her case always has to be right, and her constant whining about imagined "racism", it's any wonder that any REAL man would want to be hooked up with her. As the old song goes, "you got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them, and know when to WALK AWAY".................... Evidently this negress has never heard of this song.

"Data; can be aquired in many ways, and is aquired in many ways. The main thing to know, is where and how was this data aquired. When HARD data says that more blacks commit crimes in the U.S. than whites, the question must be asked, what source that this data was garnered from? I tend to trust the FBI report rather than any other. Yes it is TRUE, that blacks according to the population of blacks here in the U.S. do commit more crime based on the percentage of the black population! While using the typical liberal bullshit about poverty caused all of this, is just that...bullshit! When mentioning that more black males are incarated than whites, it's because these stupid assed black criminals didn't have a damned good lawyer, because they were poor as hell. I don't make up excuses for the black criminal, he made his bed hard, now he has to lie in it! Tough shit.

As for "racism", a word this little negress loves to use, and tries very hard to find ANY little incident of percieved racism, it just ain't working! There will always be people that don't like you, and it's not a damned thing you can do about it! To constantly whine about our president, and make attempts to defame his image, only adds to the callousness of these sort of people. When President Clinton was president, he was MY president even though I didn't vote for him! He was elected by the people, and I had nothing more to say. With the lies being told President Bush every day, this liberal negress always adds fuel to the fire, by attempting to discredit Mr. Bush efforts on every thing he does.

I consider this negress bitch to be just that..a bitch. One who wants to win at any cost, and attempts mislead others that think like her. Her biggest supporters, always has to give her the usual hi-fives , as if she has done something spectactular in their eyes!

I'm never surprised at these types of women, always wanting to prove something to a man. I DO NOT consider a woman equal to a man, because if G-D had wanted her to be a man, he would made her one! Yes , I'm a Neo-Con that was brought up honoring women, but NOT equating them to a man. Sometimes, it's best a woman keeps her mouth shut, it could keep her from getting insulted.In better words, know a woman's place!

As for the negro that constantly nips at my heels, he needs to grow up! A hateful little brat is all he is, and if more time were paid to his business, he just might make more money! His usual mode of attack , is to keep attempting to get you angry. Already he has been kicked off of one board, now he will be kicked off again, soon I hope.

As long as the liberal negress continues to make excuses for the black criminal, the black criminal will know it's ok by her.


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