Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So what's the big deal over integrated churches?

As I've read what others had to say about blacks attending predominately "white" churches, I've often wondered why are other people so concerned. Why should it bother them so much. people tend to attend churches that appeals to them, and for the love of me, why should it matter so much with some blacks?

Frankly, I think that it's an underlying hatred of whites that some blacks are just unable to get rid of! These same people claim they are so religious, but attack many people that attends other churches not black. There is only one G-D, and whether we like it or not, this fact still remains.

It appears to me, most integrated churches seem to be doing just fine, without the constant criticism of the "blacker then thou" critics that abound in large numbers. I think that jealously exists among the critics, because these churches are doing far more things than their all black counterparts. While the "Farrakhanites" rant and rave about "islam is a black man's religion", during the past month, white churches have done a good job helping displaced BLACK people cope with the problems that they now have. They didn't have to do that, yet they came foward and helped out!

The underlying racisl beliefs that blacks and whites cling on to, will sooner or later dissappear, and the world will continue on. I say, as long as you're giving G-D the glory and respect, what does it matters if the church is "black or white"? G-D is for all mankind.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Way to go Bill Bennett!

While the furor is going on in black communities about what Mr. Bennett said, I think now would be the time to closely examine exactly what he really said.

" I said abortion is invoked in another way; you could make an argument that if you wanted to lower the crime rate—you saw the quote—you could practice abortion in very large numbers. You could do it in the black community; you could do it in other places. ... I said, however, if you were to practice that, widespread abortion in the black community or any other community, it would be ridiculous, impossible, and ... morally reprehensible." Bill Bennett

Exactly what was so disparging about his remarks? His point was that if abortions were high in black communities, it would lower the level of crime. With the high amount of crime that exists in the black communities, so far no one can deny that blacks and high rates of crime, goes hand in hand! The liberals attempt to stay in a state of denial, but yet the problem continues to esculate. How often do we read about black criminals committing outrageous acts of crime, while the entire black community stays in a muted condition?

The question remains however, will aborting black babirs lower the OVERALL RATE of crime, and I say that it will, but I too like Mr. Bennett, do not agree with abortions.

There has to be another way, but as of yet, no one has put forth any plans of achiving lower crime in black communities. We need people to tell it like it really is, rather than attack every person that comes foward with hard facts and truth!

I support Mr. Bennett for telling it like it really is.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


From my observations, there's really not to much difference between the two. Both are at the bottom of the barrel, both are largely uneducated, and both are prone to drugs and crime.

Let's examine just how much alike these two groups are. Blacks and poor whites drop out of school much earlier than any other group, thus causing them to only work at low paying jobs. Why is this? In most cases, this is caused by having uneducated parents and siblings. The poor seem to continue to follow the pattern of dropping out of school just as their parents did.

In these two groups, both use drugs and the difference is, whites use meth, while blacks use crack. While many whites use crack also, very few blacks ever use meth. What both groups are trying to do, is escape their poverty stricken surrounding, by indulging in drugs. Both groups generally get into trouble with the law at an very early age, thus hindering their chances of future employment. Eventually, they wind up in a penal system, claming that they have been wronged!

While the ghetto negro tends to live in the ghetto, while his white counterpart tends to live in a trailer park. The overall situation is just as bad in either one. High rate of bastard babies. Fights, and shooting, drunkeness, all play a part in both communties.In both groups the women are very much alike. The young black woman love to put extensions on her hair, while the young white woman tends to dye her hair blonde. Both wear tight revealing clothing because they want the menfolks to see their physical attributes. Both women have bastard babies at an early age, some even starting at 13. Both women usually has to take the child's father to court for non-support. As a result of genetics, both groups IQ is lower than average.

While the redneck peckerwood loves his pickup truck, the ghetto negro loves his lowrider car with shiny 24" wheels. While the peckerwood attempts to jack his truck up so high you need a ladder to climb in it, the negro tries to have his car so low, you almost have to crawl in it. To them, a vehicle is a way of showing who you are, and believe me, they show it.

While the redneck peckerwood white trailer trash thinks that ,"he's better than any nigger", in reality middleclass whites treat him with just as much disrespect as they would any black person. How many times whites have told me,"don't fool around with him, he's just an old poor assed redneck". One thing I will give credit for, they don't mind calling one of their own that's beneath them, an unsuitable name! Blacks cannot bring themselves to do this, except for a few, including me!

So based on my astute observations, one is no better than the other, and it's just a matter of race and color. In some cases, both groups join groups that bolster their egos, such as ,The Nation of Islam, The KKK, Arayan Nation,The Five Percenters, and other racist groups, so they can blame the other group for their personal failures. In both cases, all they are able to do very much is spout rhetoric, which makes them feel good!

Being poor, usually make people of all races act and think the same way, as you can see there's virtually no difference between white trailer trash, and ghetto negroes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The savagery continues

This is what you expect, when black savages live among you. http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/breaking_news/12817616.htm
Could you just imagine what would have happened if six blacks had been killed by whites? The typical "politically correct" negro, just shrugs his shoulder and replies, "man that's bad", and that's the end of that! I think that the Mexican community should picket all black business, black churches, and black leaders, if no one in the black community comes foward and discuss it.The typical negro liberal always makes excuses for this type of behavior, saying,"well white folks do it too". Give me a damned break! These stupid assholes will attempt to justify anything wrong a negro does!

These savages picked on these people because they knew that most are here illegally, and in most instances are afraid to roport the robberies to the local police. It is also well known that since they are here illegally, they cannot open a bank account because they have no papers so to speak of, so they keep cash money on them.

I ask the question, where are the local "Civil Rights" leaders to go to the Mexican community and express their sorrow for what has happened? Will Jesse Jackson fly down there and attempt to bridge the gap? it's very doubtful that this will happen, but yet these poverty pimps think that they can convince Mexicans to come to their side.Face the cold hard facts, Mexicans do not wish to be around niggers, and neither do I! Can you blame them?

You can bet your sweet bippy, the Mexicans now know what animals exists within the black community now, and will try to avoid them at all costs. I now ask the question, do you blame them? These savages shoud receive the death penalty, and there should NOT be a long legenthy trial. I can now see the "progressive negroes" claiming that these boys have a low IQ, and should not be executed. I say bullshit, they had enough sense to get away, and do other robberies, so cut the crap. Of course the communist inspired NAACP, and ACLU will attempt to get these savages off with life, but it's not going to work!

I can just imagine a certain negress whining about "unfair" when they receive the death penalty, and when these savages draw in their last breath, I will applaud the state of Ga., and say well done!

Some negro women always want to win

Going toe to toe with some negresses can be a fulltime job. Ask me , I know. Some women just has to have the last word in every conversation, thus inflating their egoes. I have been in constant battle with just such a person.

With her constant presentation of "data' , which in her case always has to be right, and her constant whining about imagined "racism", it's any wonder that any REAL man would want to be hooked up with her. As the old song goes, "you got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them, and know when to WALK AWAY".................... Evidently this negress has never heard of this song.

"Data; can be aquired in many ways, and is aquired in many ways. The main thing to know, is where and how was this data aquired. When HARD data says that more blacks commit crimes in the U.S. than whites, the question must be asked, what source that this data was garnered from? I tend to trust the FBI report rather than any other. Yes it is TRUE, that blacks according to the population of blacks here in the U.S. do commit more crime based on the percentage of the black population! While using the typical liberal bullshit about poverty caused all of this, is just that...bullshit! When mentioning that more black males are incarated than whites, it's because these stupid assed black criminals didn't have a damned good lawyer, because they were poor as hell. I don't make up excuses for the black criminal, he made his bed hard, now he has to lie in it! Tough shit.

As for "racism", a word this little negress loves to use, and tries very hard to find ANY little incident of percieved racism, it just ain't working! There will always be people that don't like you, and it's not a damned thing you can do about it! To constantly whine about our president, and make attempts to defame his image, only adds to the callousness of these sort of people. When President Clinton was president, he was MY president even though I didn't vote for him! He was elected by the people, and I had nothing more to say. With the lies being told President Bush every day, this liberal negress always adds fuel to the fire, by attempting to discredit Mr. Bush efforts on every thing he does.

I consider this negress bitch to be just that..a bitch. One who wants to win at any cost, and attempts mislead others that think like her. Her biggest supporters, always has to give her the usual hi-fives , as if she has done something spectactular in their eyes!

I'm never surprised at these types of women, always wanting to prove something to a man. I DO NOT consider a woman equal to a man, because if G-D had wanted her to be a man, he would made her one! Yes , I'm a Neo-Con that was brought up honoring women, but NOT equating them to a man. Sometimes, it's best a woman keeps her mouth shut, it could keep her from getting insulted.In better words, know a woman's place!

As for the negro that constantly nips at my heels, he needs to grow up! A hateful little brat is all he is, and if more time were paid to his business, he just might make more money! His usual mode of attack , is to keep attempting to get you angry. Already he has been kicked off of one board, now he will be kicked off again, soon I hope.

As long as the liberal negress continues to make excuses for the black criminal, the black criminal will know it's ok by her.