Saturday, July 23, 2005

Let's fact facts about Islam folks

All over the world, the islamists extreamists are blowing themselves up claiming that they are doing this in the name od ALLAH! What a lie! The real deal is a committed effort to convert the entire world to Islam. In nearly every country in the world where Islam exists, the people there was converted by FORCE, rather than by peaceful means.

For the ignorant negroes here in the US to claim that "Islam is the black man's religion", they got to be some kind of a damned fool. While they claim that "Christanity is the white man's religion", the Arabs have been kidnapping and selling negroes into SLAVERY, for over a thousand years !
The Arab controlled black flunkies in Sudan are still doing this to people as black as they are, all under the name of "Islam". When asked about this, most Muslims will attempt to distance from the fact that some countries still practice this horrible act! Even the pseudo-islamist Louis Farrakhan denied that Sudan was still selling slaves.
"* In 1995, Louis Farrakhan visited Sudan as an honored guest of the
government. As of 1999, Louis Farrakhan and the “Nation of Islam” deny
that slavery exists in Sudan and challenged the press to find proof of it.
(18)(35)(34) "
From it's inception,Islam believers have had problem with the rest of the world, because the rest of the world didn't believe the way that they did. You only have to look at Saudi Arabia, where just owning a holy bible can get you jailed.

The muslims might tell you that they are peaceful people, but that is a flat out lie! They're "peaceful" are long as you allow them to have their own way. Take a look around , and notice.
As far as I'm concerned, Canada needs to send them all packing back to where they came from!

"AMSTERDAM - Thousands of Dutch citizens gathered in Amsterdam's city centre Tuesday evening to denounce the murder of controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, which people are calling an attack on free speech. The filmmaker had received death threats after the TV broadcast of his film, which portrays violent treatment of women in Muslim society. He was shot and stabbed outside of a government building Tuesday.

Police said a 26-year-old suspect killed Van Gogh and left a note on his body. Afterwards, the suspect fled to a nearby park and, following a shootout with officers, was arrested, said police spokesperson Eric Vermeulen.

Both the suspect, a man of dual Dutch-Moroccan citizenship, and an officer suffered minor injuries but "they were conscious" when taken to hospital, Vermeulen said. Muslim groups have widely condemned those responsible for the killing of the 47-year-old filmmaker, who was the great grandson of Theo van Gogh, brother of the famous Dutch painter Vincent."

This is what happens after these people move into a country that allows them to move in!

What does the Quran says about slavery?


"To begin with, the Quran justifies slavery, and often mentions slaves. Here are some relevant verses:

33:50 - "Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty."

This verse clearly shows that Muslims believe that taking slaves in war was a God-given right. These slaves were considered 'booty' or the spoils of war. As the saying goes: to the victors go the spoils.

23:5 - "... except with their wives and slave girls, for these are lawful to them:..."

The passage's context here (not quoted in full) details how Muslim males are allowed to have sexual relations with their wives and slave girls. Implicit in this is that Muslim males had slave-concubines. 70:30 is basically a repeat of 23:5.

Ibn Sa'd's "Tabaqat", gives a clear description of Muhammad having "relations" with at least one of his slave girls. Muhammad had sexual relations with Mariyah, his Coptic slave. Mariyah and her sister, Sirin were slaves given as gifts to Muhammad. Muhammad gave Sirin to Hasan Thabit, the poet. Ibn Sa'd says that Muhammad "liked Mariyah, who was of white complexion, with curly hair and pretty." [Taken from Ibn Sa'd's "Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir" (Book of the Major Classes), p151].

Ibn Sa'd also writes that Mariyah bore Muhammad a son named Ibrahim. He died 18 months later. Sa'd writes: "If he had lived, no maternal uncle of his would have remained in bondage", p164. This shows that there were other Coptic slaves owned by the Muslims.

The Quran also instructs Muslims NOT to force their female slaves into prostitution (24:34), and even allows Muslims to marry slaves if they so desire (4:24), and to free them at times as a penalty for crime or sin (4:92, 5:89, 58:3) and even allows slaves to buy their liberty, if they meet certain of their master's conditions (24:33). [90:10 'freeing of a bondsman' refers to Muslims ransoming other Muslims who were slaves of non-Muslims.]

While I think it's nice to allow a slave to obtain his freedom, (at his master's discretion) it is tragic that Islam allows them to be enslaved in the first place. That's like robbing a bank and giving some of the money back to the bank, and thinking you did the right thing!

The above verses show that taking slaves was ordained by Allah, and that it was permissible for Muslim males to have sex with their female slaves. It also shows that slaves were a valuable commodity to the Muslims, otherwise, Allah would not have imposed the penalty of freeing a slave to make up for a crime."

Of course the ignorant negro that is willing to adapt to anything that does reflect the "whiteman's view", calls Islam, the "black man's religion"! I ask the question, does the Afrocentrict negro KNOWS the origen of the word "kaffir"? Hint,it was used by the white South Africans, but....................let's see.
Often called the Cape Frontier Wars, the Kaffir Wars were a series of intermittent conflicts from 1779 to 1879 in what is now South Africa. In these wars the Xhosa, agricultural and pastoral peoples native to the Eastern Cape, tried to prevent the continued intrusion of Dutch settlers into their lands.

Yes negroes, your arab slavemasters looks upon you as an infidel! I want you silly negroes to continue to follow these people, and maybe just one day, you will be asked to blow yourself up! I used to respect Islam, but I really didn't know what it was all about then, now I know!


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