Friday, December 10, 2004

There is a difference you know!1`

It seems like almost every day,a black is shown on tv after having committed some sort of crime. I think that's it's now time to make some sort of explaination,in order to clear up some misconceptions!

First of all,as in every race,there are law abiders,and lawbreakers. What television shows is the lower class of black, that exists in the black subculture. This is the type more frequently seen as criminals on tv.

In the black community,they are simply called niggers. Chris Rock aptly put it as a war going on between black folks and niggers! What so many know is most blacks are hard working, church going people trying to do the right things to make a success in their lives. In the meanwhile,the niggers wreak havoc on both black and white communities.

The community that I live in,(Atlanta)was once a thriving community, and everyone was home owners. It was all white thirty six years ago,and now it's 99% black.

For the first twenty-five years, things were great,but as some people moved out to buy larger homes,they did not sell their homes,but rented them out under section-8. This was one of the worst things that could happen. As the housing projects were torn down,the displaced tenants, were put into section-8 homes, in neighborhoods where people were buying homes.

This proved to be a disaster! The niggers that moved in, had no cars, too many children, and didn't give a damn about their neighbors. They begin to walk to the nearby stores, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! There were sidewalks, but these niggers must have thought that they were walking down a trail in the rainforest of Africa! Trash began to appear from everywhere, because these people had never been taught NOT to throw trash down, and make the neighborhood look bad. The lawns were overgrown, because the people renting it, didn't have enough damned sense to cut it like the people on both sides of them did. The loud talking, the loud cursing, the loud music is their lifestyle, and respecting their neighbors, just don't ring a bell in their heads.

Of course if one of the politically correct "Negroes" reads this, his first reaction will be to holler that, "you're putting black folks down", but we both know the truth, I'm simply putting niggers down. As Ken Hamblin once said ,"there's white trash,and there's black trash",and I can't stand neither.

I'm afraid, for some time to come, the niggers will still be out there ,and nothing short of sending them to another country like Africa, will solve this problem! We black folks don't want to be around them either!