Monday, November 29, 2004

Why blacks are crying over Democrat's loss

Now that the elections are over,there are still blacks crying over spilled milk! It would appear that many seem to think that it's the end of the world!

What have the average black person lost? Really nothing,but it seems that all programs that some depend on for help,are being reduced! I'm wondering,just how long the black population will continue to whine over programs designed to help one during trying times,but NOT as a permanent crutch.

The "big lie", "Bush stole the election",is what the ultra-liberal blacks are spouting,without any proof at all! The sad thing about it,is so many ill informed blacks are following this lie. I say that the same negroes that are putting this lie out,are the same ones that continue to keep race at the forefront. The Julian Bonds,Jesse Jacksons,and other unconfirmed "leaders",are always ready to push the racial agenda for their own personal gain.