Monday, December 05, 2005


Daily Hip-Hop News:

GA Representative Proposes Tupac Bill To US Congress

Friday - December 2, 2005 by JaneƩ Bolden

Tupac Shakur

In the hopes of allowing the public access to details surrounding the life and death of Tupac Shakur, including government records, Georgia State Representative Cynthia McKinney has created the "Tupac Shakur Records Collection Act."

The bill is set to go before Congress and would require the National Archives to create a "Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection." Inspired by the "John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act," Congresswoman McKinney, the Democratic representative of the 4th District of DeKalb County, Georgia, based the act on the premise that "all government records related to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur should be preserved for historical and governmental purposes."

As I've mentioned so many times, this woman is on the edge when making a rational decision. Why in the world would she want to honor some thug that was killed by other thugs just like him. This thug,(I refuse to call him a human being) was arrested here in Atlanta after having a shootout with two off duty policemen, and we're supposed to honor this thug? This is so typical of McKinney, because she tries so hard to promote her own ideology which is Marxist in nature. Her attitude is, "we're gonna make you white folks pay", and I don't care if the rest of you gets mad. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to name another street after her hero.............Fidel Castro.

Monday, November 28, 2005

"TOOKIE" needs to die!

Having been on death row for twenty-five years, It's time for "Tookie" to DIE! I cannot bring myself to feel sorry for this killer. IMHO, he should have died a long time ago. While he has supposly rehabilated himself, he should thought about his actions before he committed the crime! As my ol' grandmother used to say,"he's made his bed hard, and now he has to sleep in it!"

With the liberal left attempting to meet with the governor in order to stop his excution, I'm wondering if the same "concerned" people has made any attempt to visit the family of the victims?

In reality, the same folks trying to get a reprive, would NVER attempt to get a reprive for the two killers of Janes Byrd! To these do-gooders, the white men deserves to die for their horrible crimes, but a black man does not! How's this for unbridled racism?

As you can see, the ultra-left are out there busily defending this killer, but has little to say about the killer victims.

If Stan "Tookie" Williams is executed on Tuesday, December 13th, December 14th will be a day that will live in infamy. Just like that "other" day that has lived in infamy -- Pearl Harbor. More on why later below.

Tookie, or Took, for short, is similar to sheikhs of Iran and what have you in the regard that he is the spiritual leader of the Crips gang. That's the notorious Crips that has membership in the thousands across the U.S . and probably overseas. Tookie may or may not be running things from inside, but it's not hard to tell that his impending death is causing quite a stir from the doorsteps of San Quentin to Switzerland. It's headline news, it's all over the Internet. And, I'm sure, on the blocks -- ghetto CNN -- it's the topic of conversation all hours of the day.

All eyes are indeed on Tookie, and they will be fixed on him as long as he's still alive.

This is the kind of crap that make you want to puke, and wonder why are idiots like this still loose in today's society! Of course the "liberal/progressive left" will claim that he has "redeeming values", but to what extent?

I say it's time for "Tookie" to take the eternal dirt nap, never to kill anyone again. I feel if you do the crime, then you do the time!

Tookie, it's time to die.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


While so many people in this country is always putting this country down, they fail to realize the freedoms granted by this great country. It is so easy to hear the constant putdowns by the left, but even they know deep down in their hearts, that in many other countries, they would be unable to spout the anti-government rhetoric that they love to do.

I am thankful that I'm still living in good health, because with each passing year, more and more of the friends that I grew up with are dying. I am thankful that my children and grandchildren are doing ok in their lives, due to me pushing and instructing them in their earlier lives, they've turned out pretty well. I am thankful that I don't live in a country that would not allow me to practice my faith and religion, such as Saudi Arabia does. I am thankful that this is one of the few countries in the world where one can achive anything that they desire, provided they work hard enough for it. I am thankful that I have a wife, not a "lover", and we're married and not "shacking up"! I am thankful there are troops of ours defending us against the islamic terrorists who's overall desire is to conquer the world via islam. I am thankful that other LEGAL immigrants see this country as the last bastion of freedom, and make great use of the opportunities in this great country of ours.

While the "America Haters" are always ready to rail against this country, I would advise them to read Ken Hamblin's book, "Pick a Better Country" over this weekend, and they may revise their way of thinking about this great country of ours.

G-D Bless America, and happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Once again, it appears that a leader true to his people, has found out the real truth! The welfare system in Australia is similar to the one implemented here in the U.S., and what it has caused is generation to become dependant upon the government's dole.

While it is true that the aborigine people have been displaced by whites entering the country over the years, it still does not negate the fact that in todays world, they are still far behind the rest of the country.
Aborigine leader warns on welfare
By Phil Mercer
BBC News, Sydney

Aborigines in the bush
Aborigines are Australia's most disadvantaged community
A prominent Aboriginal leader has called for a radical overhaul of Australia's benefits system to help native communities escape from poverty.

Noel Pearson has warned that a reliance on state handouts has caused psychological harm in many settlements.

Some economists have insisted that Aborigines may have to leave their impoverished homelands to break free of the so-called welfare trap.

Many black Australians live in poverty and are permanently unemployed.

There are claims that the benefit payments they receive have stripped them of any motivation to work and can lead to serious health and social problems.

The Aborigines call it sit-down money.

This money is often frittered away on a destructive mix of alcohol and gambling.
If I didn't know that it was Australia that he was talking about, I would have sworn that it was the U.S.The burning question that has always been in the back of my mind is, how do humans become accustomed to wanting handouts rather than working for it? Here in our great country,some blacks are always calling for more government help, and when the help arrives, they begin to find something else to complain about. We can lay most of the blame in this country to failed social policies, and runaway entitlements programs, thus we have the very same problem that they are having over there. I applaud Mr. Pearson for finally exposing the truth about the situation there, and I wish that some of our so-called leaders had the guts to say the same thing in this country.

I feel there is no excuse for the aboriginals there to continue to reject progress, any more than it is for some blacks here to do the same. Getting angry at the situation, and placing blame on others, is not going to get the job done, instead accept the truth of you can never return back to the past, and deal with it from that perspective.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Nearly every day in black communities, serious crimes are committed by other blacks, and scarcly any attention is paid to it.One might ask, why is this, it is because generally some blacks have accepted black on black crime as a normal behavior. Every day all over America, we read about black gangs killing each other, or some black criminal robbing and maining the victim. When thse acts occur, most blacks simply shurg their shoulders and say, "man that's bad", and that is the end of story.

In the past, racial attitudes had a lot to do with black on black crimes, mainly because blacks were thought to be inferior, and incapable of maintaining some sort of morality, thus very little attention was paid to blacks comitting crimes against each other. We are now in a new day, and while many strive to maintain some sort of control with their lives, the problem has not gone away. I ask when will the local "leaders" speak out against the violence that occurs within the black community, as much as they do when a "supposed" injustice occurs when a white officer shoots or beats an offender? It would appear to me, that we as blacks should demand justice for victims of black on black crimes as much as we demand justice for people like Rodney King, instead, we say nothing.

With that kind of attitude, is it any wonder why whites pay black on black crimes any attention? We don't care, so why should they? I've never seen a black group protesting a killer of blacks getting a life sentence, rather then the death penalty. I've never seen see any demostrations against inept DA's, that cannot get a strong enough case against a black on black killer. I've never seen blacks get angry with lying jurors that lied before getting on a jury saying that they were not against the death penalty, but later changing their mind while on the jury saying that they were against the death penaly based on their religious convictions.

Blacks that nullify juries on capital cases, should not be allowed on any jury after doing so, because it was in their minds to do this to begin with. With attitudes like this in black communities, why should whites care if the black killer of blacks get off with his life? They don't, and they should not.

Until we as a race, step up to the plate, and say enough is enough, the unbridled crime will continue to devastate the black communities all over America, and blacks will continue to whine about it, but will not rise up and correct the problem, and whites will continue to say,"why should we care when they don't care about themselves?". We have the power.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I am not an "African-American,I'm simply an American. No,I don't need to hypernate my nationality because it's very evident that part of me is of african ancestary. Being an American is having the opportunity to live in the greatest country in the world. Here, one is free to achieve everything within their grasp,and no one can ask for anything better.I ask myself,why do some blacks want to hypernate their nationality by sticking "Africa" in front of it? The answer is so very simple. It is my belief that many blacks feel so bad about themselves,that hypernating their nationality,gives them something to crow about. It makes them feel superior, because they have nothing else going for them. Some have even gone even more radical by calling themselves "Africans". This is plain stupid.The only connection that American blacks have with Africa,is their ancestary,and most American blacks also have Indian and White ancestary also. Why aren't they claiming the other two?
I am an American. My father and his brother,and my mother's brother,fought in France in World War 1. My cousins fought in World II,and in Korea,and Vietnam. Their blood was spilled fighting for a country that they believed in. This is home and will always be foe me, and I will fight to keep it free form any foreign power that attempts to invade it.I am an American,and I don't have to put myself into a corner,avoiding the American mainstream by claiming that my ancestors were in slavery. That is over and done with,so why keep bringing it up? Slavery has beren over for nearly 140 years, I cannot blame all whites in this country for past slavery.
I am an American,just as the Poles,Dutch,English,Irish,and other Europeans that immigrated here and became citizens. I am just as much of an American as they are.They came to this country fleeing repression,and tyrants,and have the same love for this country,as I do.So no,I'm not an "African-American",I'm just an American that happens to be black.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I decided to listen to a local black talk show not very long ago, and was not surprised to hear the same old thing I heard a year ago on that station. The constant fingerpointing, whining, and bitching in general, never ceases.

I asked myself, just what do these people want? Sadly, most of them don't really know what they want. Listening to this type, you will always hear the following:
"I want to be free."
"Blacks need to get together"
"It's racism"
"Islam is the black man's religion"
"Bush is the cause of all of this'
"We need reparations"
"Remember Willie Lynch"
"Support our black businesses"

I will stop here a minute, and attempt to explain why they are wrong.

"I want to be free"
You already are, no one is keeping you from moving where you want to, preparing to get employment where you want to, or even marrying who you want to. You are able to travel all over this country, and even go to other countries, when and where you wish. You are able to go into any store and buy what you wish. You are NOT a slave, you ARE free!

"Blacks need to get together"
There is NO group anywhere where people ALL think alike, and blacks are no exception. We are NOT a monolithic group, and anyone thinks that way is sadly mistaken. Many of blacks have isolated themselves from certain segments of the black population simply because they don't want to be around them!

"It's racism"
This is an overused term, used by most disgruntled negroes, to blame any white that dares to speak his opinion about anything connected with blacks. There has always been a difference between ...bigots....segregationists....discrimination...and racism. For example, if someone white tells me, that some blacks aare criminal minded, am I supposed to get angry with his statement? No, but with some, that would be a racist statement! Most whites, and other groups are not racist, but prefer being around their own group , and I can find no fault with that. it's all a matter of culture, and class.

"Islam is the black man's religion"
What a bunch of nonsense! Most negroes that spout that, are attempting to distance from christanity of which they think is an invention of the white race. First of all, Islam came years later after christanity, and while some negroes seem to adopt Islam, nothing is ever mentioned about black slavery and muslims. It was the muslims that started black slavery, by going into East Africa, and capturing blacks to make slaves out of them. One would suppose that any negro would know this, but it appears as though they are not aware of this fact. They would much rather give themselves arabic names, parade around with their gowns on, deeming themselves of some importance. None of this negates the fact that Islam is DIRECTLY connected with slavery.

"Bush is the cause of all of this"
All of what? Since Mr. Bush won the election the last time, the liberal negro has been pissed off at Mr. Bush's win, and have tried ,(very unsuccessfully), to blame the president for any, and everything. It is by his nature, and stupidity, the negro loves the Democrat Party so much. Frankly, there's not much difference between the two, but you wouldn't think that if you listened to some negroes! With leaders like Jesse Jackson, and Julian Bond, one might expect this blame game that they're playing, but I only wonder how can an educated negro believe all of this rhetoric? Some negroes are still stuck back in the sixties, expecting another "program" to come forth and save them, but this is NOT going to happen! The only options left, is for the negro to uplift himself, by correcting all of the prevelant ills in his community, thus giving hope to those that have been brainwashed into a state of failure.

"We need reparations"
For what? With nearly 800 billion dollars spent by blacks in this country, why do we need to be given something? This is nothing more than a disguised welfare trick dreamed up by Elijah Poole, and Louis Walcott in the so=called Nation of Islam. Face facts, you've gotten all about that you're going to get, the rest is left up to you. You must remember what these same people said,"why BEG for crumbs from the white man's table, when you can do for self?" It appears that this is precisely what is happening now, we are begging. What happened to "doing for self"?

"Remember Willie Lynch"
A completely fabricated internet hoax, that have negroes quoting this supposed slaveowner, as if it were the gospel truth! Many people have attempted to find the origins of this hoax, but so far, no beginning has been found. Several noted people have examined the document, only to find that the words, did not match the time that this was speech supposely written. I find it amazing that negroes can believe this trash, but on the other hand, I can understand. These are the people that already have problems about themselves to begin with, and this only supports their sense of inferiority.

"Support our black business"
Back in the days of racial segregation, we did support our black owned businesses, because we had no other choice but to. Todays black owned business,should be just that, black owned, but open to all, not just blacks. In order to do business in todays society, you must COMPETE with all business, not just a special few. I do support businesses in my community, and some are black, but these same businesses need to focus on all customers, not just black.

It would truly be wonderful if some of the disgruntled negroes used their brains for a change, and not their emotions. Sadly enough, i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.